This country has stagnated for the last 50 years because of bad leadership

This country has stagnated for the last 50 years because of bad leadership from our two main political parties – the PPP and the PNC. We have watched grudgingly, as many other countries, with far less resources, surge ahead of us. That is why the United Republican Party (URP) would like to take this rare opportunity to applaud both the Coalition and the PPP for the patriotic foresight in setting up, approving and instituting the Public Procurement Commission.
For years corruption within the Government entities ran amok, as politicians used billions from the conciliated funds to enrich themselves, families and cronies. Contracts were awarded based on kickbacks and the promise of illegal residual benefits. Shabby work was them done by the contractors, with no process for redress because bribes were paid to well placed officials, to mitigate any accountability.
Politicians and government officials build lavish homes and businesses, many travelled the world on expensive vacations and acquired state-of-the-art vehicles, all because of access to a broken procurement system that allowed them to steal tax payers’ money and get away with it. Contractors botched many of the jobs, even leaving some unfinished. Billions were squandered during the absence of a functioning the PPC.
Hopefully with the functioning of the PPC, all that financial abuse, skullduggery and breach of contract will come to an end. It is expected that Guyana will now get value for its money.
However, the metal of the Commissioners will now be tested. Those who understand and benefited for the illicit gains of a broken system will seek to perpetuate the brokenness of the system. The Commissioners will therefore be approached and offered bribes and kickbacks, akin to what obtained before. There will be those who will stop at nothing in order to illegally and cockishly enrich themselves. The Commissioners should be very vigilant and wary of these unpatriotic folks.
The URP has long held the view that the PPP and their associates have been enriching themselves through the means of the public treasury, hence the prolonged reluctance to set up the PPC. In his remarks concerning the establishment of PPC President David Granger said that “his administration is committed to ensuring greater vigilance and scrutiny of infrastructural projects and awarding of contracts to eliminate opportunities for corruption and cronyism at all levels.” We applaud the President in this regard.