Who is Dr. Vishnu Bandhu?

Dr. Vishnu Bandhu is a humanitarian, a dynamic business leader, a man of integrity, an altruist, a philanthropist and a role model for politicians in this country. He has a very kind heart and exhibits no religious or ethnic bias. This is proven in his unbiased approach of helping people of all backgrounds. He has made tremendous personal sacrifices to help people. Some might even say that he does this to the neglect of his family and his own personal well-being.

Vishnu Bandhu is a consummate businessman who has owned and operated several businesses ever since a youngster. He feels that small businesses are the foundation of a strong economy and that such an approach can help Guyana. He is very familiar with the problems and issues that businessmen deal with daily.

He has rendered invaluable service to the nation in general and people. He has supported many organizations with their cultural and social programs. For example, he organized concerts in America, Canada, and Guyana in collaboration with other groups. He donated books, clothing and money to several organizations to so they can organize programs to help people. He has even led a campaign for his NGO to acquire wheelchairs for those less fortunate.

He organizes Christmas parties and charitable events for children. He also makes educational donations to underprivileged children in several schools and orphanages. It is a known fact that he can be counted upon to assist in time of need.

Dr. Bandhu has served the country and the Guyanese Diaspora with commitment, sacrifice and dedication; as a true patriot. He has been recognized for his service to humanity and the Guyanese Diaspora and has earned many accolades. Varied organizations in North America and Guyana have honored him with prestigious awards. He was also honored (humanitarian awards, special citations, Certificate of Recognition, etc.) by politicians. The New York State Senate as well as the Hudson County Executive in the USA have also acknowledged and rewarded him for his service to his community. He has served the Caribbean community. He was honored with an Honorary Doctorate by a University in Florida (Samskrutham) for his service to humanity.

Dr. Vishnu Bandhu is the kind of leader Guyana needs. His experiences and knowledge has provided him with a perspective that has positioned him to be counted upon to help transform Guyana into a prosperous nation.


Dr. Vishnu Bandhu was born in Windsor Forest in a family of rice farmers. His paternal grandfather (aja) migrated from Village- Harumigra, Baradai in the District of Bareilly and was bounded on the Windsor Plantation. Since the freedom of Indian indentured immigrants over a hundred years ago, the Bandhu’s settled in Windsor Forest.


The family had been in rice farming ever since.  His maternal family (Grandmother) came from Village Manaka Poorwa, Sooraw, District of Allahbad UP India. She resided in Den Amstel; the family became druggists after completing their indentureship. Dr. Bandhu was raised in Windsor Forest and lived for a period of time doing farming in Yakasari North, Black Bush Polder.


He was a farmer and a laborer before becoming a bus driver for the Guyana Transport Services Ltd. He also served as a member of the Central Demerara Lions Club, one of the largest clubs in Guyana at the time.


1975: Migrated to Canada and worked in an army surplus store as a clerk one year later he was promoted to General manager.  Two years later, he started John’s Carpet Company in Toronto Canada.  The next year, he started John’s International Import and Export and John’s International Record Company.


1981: He immigrated to the US and joined Original World Products picture manufactured company in Long Island City, New York working as a salesman.  Six months later, he bought over a furniture company that he was supplying and ran it himself employing staff.


1982: He opened a shipping company shipping packages and barrels to Guyana and the Caribbean


1983: He opened the first West Indian nightclub, Caribbean Connection, in Queens New York and a year later he opened a second furniture and carpet store.  He also started a half hour weekly radio program in New York. The popular Eshri Singh emceed the program. It was the first Guyanese radio station in America.


Political Involvement

1984: He became very active in the struggle for free and fair elections and restoration of democracy in Guyana. He took several initiatives on his own in this direction. He met several prominent Guyanese involved in the struggle for the restoration of democracy in their homeland and other leading American politicians. He appealed for their assistance in restoring democratic rule and address human rights violations in Guyana.


He engaged many Senators and House Members as well as other leading Americans including the then Republican Whip Newt Gingrich (who later became Speaker) and Colonel Oliver North who was an Aide to then President Roald Reagan. He also met with journalists from the American mainstream media informing them about rights abuses in Guyana and appealing for their support to restore democratic rule in the homeland.


1985: He and other founded the United Republican Party (URP) and became formally active in Guyana’s politics. The US Congress began paying attention to human rights’ violations in Guyana through the efforts of the URP.


1986: He became a member of the American Security Council (ASC), a private NGO in Washington, under the leadership of Dr. Sam Dickens retired Colonel. The NGO focused on establishing democracy worldwide. It had human rights activists and pro-democracy campaigners from all over the world. Speakers from around the globe regularly address its gatherings. The NGO had monthly meeting and Bandhu was a regular attendee with other Guyanese. And the ASC paid attention to rights abuses and lack of democracy in Guyana.


1987: He moved to Guyana and launched URP at 43 Croal St, Georgetown. Some seven sub-branches (offices) of the URP were established in Guyana. He ran for office.


Business Involvement

1993: He opened People’s General Store in Vreed-en-Hoop and opened Expo Marketing on Camp St, Georgetown. It provided employment for many. He supplied goods to stores throughout Guyana.


1996: He re-immigrated to the US and had to start over in business.  He ran a successful taxi business. Then with proceeds from it, he started a construction company (VNR General Construction) and later an investment company (Guy-America Development) in New York where he built more than 60 two and three family brick houses in Brooklyn. He was featured in mainstream NY media NY Times (2005).


He also rehabilitated the East New York Pitkin Avenue area transforming it from an underdeveloped drug infested to an attractive middle class neighborhood. He was praised by politicians for his development projects. Many people feel that section of Pitkin Ave should be named after him.


2006: He invested in building condominiums in the Dominican Republic.


2010 He again return to Guyana and started a construction company. He worked on 28 Government projects. These are only some of the businesses he has actively participated in since a young man.


A Religious Man

He has always worked closely with religious groups including several well-known Pandits, Mulvies and Pastors.  He also worked with and collaborated with several Mandir’s and inter-religious bodies in Guyana, Canada and USA.


Guyana Activities

1970: He was the organizing secretary for the West Demerara Arya Samaj.


1975: He organized the First Centenary Foundation Celebration of the West Demerara Arya Samaj.


1975 He became a founding member of the Toronto Arya Samaj.


1981: He became a founding member and the first President of Arya Samaj, USA.


1994: He started the re-building of the Vreed-en-hoop Arya Samaj Mandir. A lack of funds caused the rebuilding process to be very slow. Rebuilding of this magnificent Mandir took ten years but it now stands as a masterpiece in Guyana.

The mandir hosts several activities and is regularly used. Dr. Bandhu also helped other mandirs and religious organizations of varied faiths in Guyana. He supports all cultures and faiths because he is person who champions humanity regardless of background, culture or ethnicity.


1994: He started a National Day of Prayer in West Bank Demerara. The first one was led by Pandit Satesh Prakash and then Prime Minister of Guyana Sam Hinds.


2006: He became the President of the United Arya Samaj Federation, Inc. the Governing organization of the Arya Samaj branches in the NY, NJ and CT region of USA.


2008: He started the Guy-America Development (Now known as VJB Investment)


2010: He founded the VB General Construction


2012: He was elected President of the United Federation of Arts and Culture in Guyana.


2013: He was also elected the International President of Interstate Sigfa Health Organization with branches in many Countries in the world.


2014: He was elected in September the president of the Guyana Central Arya Samaj the headquarter of all Arya Samaj in Guyana he served for two years and never seek President again in September 2016


A Patriotic Guyanese

Even while living in other lands, Guyana was never far from Dr. Vishnu’s thoughts. While in New York, he looked for ways to help his fellow Guyanese in culture and charitable activities.


1983: He started the first West Indian Cultural Newspaper: Caribbean Awake that soon became the mouthpiece for the Guyanese American community.


1985: He was one of the founding members of the United Republican Party (URP) to help bring democracy back to Guyana. The URP was instrumental in helping to bring Jimmy Carter to monitor the elections in 1992.  (Once Dr. Vishnu helped to change the government in 1992, he felt things would get better and he disbanded the URP – thinking its job was done).


1986: Under the name of the URP, he organized the first Guyana Beauty Pageant at Brooklyn College, USA.  He organized floats for parades in New York.


1987: He sacrificed his thriving business and re-migrated to Vreed-en-Hoop to assist with the liberation movement to free Guyana from the oppressive dictatorship.


1992: He campaigned in elections in Guyana under the URP bandwagon for 9 years.


1994: He contested and won a seat for the Best Klien Pouderoyen Local Government. After the institutionalization of democracy.


In Guyana and in USA he organized cultural shows and beauty pageants. In 1994, he organized the largest cultural evening celebrations at the Vreed en Hoop Stelling for Guyana Independence that included army displaying of fireworks. He also assisted with varied activities for Senior Citizens including transporting them from varied locations in West Demerara.  He organized Christmas parties for Seniors.


1996 He organized the Mashramani celebrations in all of Guyana for the Government before migrating to NYC.


2008 – While in the USA he founded several businesses; and at one time he was the Regional Manager of National Lending Corporation of USA.


2010: Dr. Vishnu Bandhu re-migrated to Guyana valiantly trying to help stop corruption, incompetence, nepotism and the encroaching drug trade and its accompanying problems. He tried to create jobs and campaigned against loose moral standards and poverty in Guyana. He feels strongly about reducing poverty, making the case why there should be no poverty in rich Guyana.


2011: He has joined Sigfa Solutions Health Organization Faridabad India lead by Dr. Chandra Shekhar teaching Physco Neurobics about the Mind-Body-Soul bringing Science and God together. This is a noble Spiritual organization also teaching you to heal your body with your own Spiritual energy.


Back in Politics

In 2015 he has decided to resurrect the URP to again bring change for Guyana. Now Dr. Vishnu believes that there is another job for the URP and for him in Guyana. He is ready to do more to help Guyana. He has committed to serving the people of Guyana with integrity. His Party will bring jobs, encourage and help small businesses and make Guyana the best it could be with his Vision for a Modern, Safe and Green Guyana.


Dr. Vishnu Bandhu is the man people can count on to bring change to Guyana.