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The United Republican Party has grown and prospered over the years because of our undying commitment to ethical business practices and political correctness. As a Party Representative, you will be required to know, understand and fully comply with our Code of Ethics.

To ensure adherence to our Code of Ethics, the Party utilizes several internal controls and communication mechanisms with our members on an ongoing basis. Any violation of the code will be considered a serious offense and will result in disciplinary actions against violators. Violations can also result in termination of membership.

To reiterate, the United Republican Party is a multi-racial party which seeks to represent all Guyanese. We are conscious of the fact that representing our citizens in or out of government is a great responsibility and as new members join our Party, the above Code of Ethics offers a guideline for current and prospective members. The URP is an above-board organization, whose work and existence demands integrity and professionalism on behalf of our members, regardless of whether we are executive members or supporters of the URP. Guyana has had too many instanced where our people have been let down by easily corruptible leaders and organizations. The United Republican Party continues to strive for honesty, integrity and a new political culture in Guyana.


Your success as a URP member and our success as a political party are dependent upon your integrity and professionalism. We fully intend to ensure The United Republican Party’s standards are upheld, and we expect the same from every member of our Party.
We expect that every member, supporters and executives of the URP will abide by the following guidelines if they remain members of this Party.