URP Leader’s Message

Dr.Vishnu Bandhu

Presidential Candidate of the URP

I am honored to be chosen as the leader of the United Republican Party, the party that will make a difference in the politics of our country.
  • People voted for changes in May 2015, but this government has let down the nation.  I have been critical of both preceding governments and this one. They have all disappointed us.  A shadow of gloom has been cast over our lovely rainbow nation.
  • Politicians are dividing our people in the interest of personal political power.

Mr. Vishwanauth Bandhu

URP Leader North American Region

Our party is different from those that have governed and ruined our nation over the last 60 years.  We are a party of selfless dedicated workers and volunteers.  Our party is people oriented.
  • Our party means what it says and says what it means.  It is our party’s philosophy that power belongs to the people.
  • The resources belong to the people.  The government must govern on behalf of the needs of the people.  So far, the parties in charge of the affairs of our country have governed on behalf of themselves and relatives, families and friends.