Security Modern & Safe Guyana

Our vision is to actualize innovative reforms to successfully move families and governments from dependency to the independence of work and wealth creation.
 The United Republican Party of Guyana is committed to the swift restoration of Law and Order and to correct the injustice being perpetrated upon both a the citizens and police personnel of Guyana.

A United Republican Party Government will take all and every step necessary to correct this situation. Justice will no longer be coerced and pressured into corrupt practice.

The rights of honest and decent people will be zealously protected whilst the criminal element will feel the full force of the legal system. To achieve this our Police Force must once again enjoy its enviable reputation of integrity, efficiency, discipline and service. Members of the Police Force will be encouraged to divest themselves of all political affiliation (even to that of the United Republican Party of Guyana)thus ensuring that the execution of their duties will be without favour or affection malice or ill will to any particular group, organization or race.

Divisional Commanders not below the rank of Senior Superintendent will have total and complete responsibility for the preservation of peace and good order in his/her division and will be answerable to the Commissioner of Police.Salaries of Police personnel will be brought to levels consistent  with the onerous responsibilities carried out by them. This in addition to other benefits such as low-interest Government sponsored loans for homes, adequate pensions at retirement ad intense training of new recruits, will bring morale in the Police Force to standards existing during the fifties and sixties.