URP Code of Ethics and Pledge Compliance

The United Republican Party has grown and prospered over the years because of our undying commitment to ethical business practices and political correctness. As a Party Representative, you will be required to know, understand and fully comply with our Code of Ethics.To ensure adherence to our Code of Ethics, the Party utilizes several internal controls and communication mechanisms with our members on an ongoing basis. Any violation of the code will be considered a serious offense and will result in disciplinary actions against violators. Violations can also result in termination of membership.

In the following pages, you will be provide with the URP’s Code of  Ethics, which has guided the behavior of party membership since its existence as a political party in Guyana.  After you have studied this material and your trainer has discussed the information with you, you will be tested to make sure that you thoroughly understand these guide lines.  A passing grade of no less than a “C” average is required members to maintain their membership into the United Republican Party. Throughout your membership with the party, you will receive additional training on our Code of Ethics. You will be expected to comply with these codes always.


Your success as a URP member and our success as a political party are dependent upon your integrity and professionalism. We fully intend to ensure The United Republican Party’s standards are upheld, and we expect the same from every member of our Party.
We expect that every member, supporters and executives of the URP will abide by the following guidelines if they remain members of this Party.



  • Tell every prospective member that you made a “special trip” to see them.
  • Explain that you came to see the prospective member because of your interest in them and our country.
  • Introduce yourself as a member of the United Republican Party (URP).
  • Always try to impress people with the size and scope of the URP.
  • Explain the goals, advantages and benefits of our Party that are included in the Manifesto.
  • Be very enthusiastic when explaining the vision of our party.
  • Explain the benefits of partnering with us in as much detail as possible.
  • Point out as many legitimate problems as possible which exist in our country and explain specifically, how our plans can reduce and/or eliminate these problems.
  • Ask the prospective member what benefits they think the Country may realize from the addition of our party.Say that we think our plans are the best working-class agenda available.
  • Point out the true advantages of our plans over those of the other parties. Make an overture for them to join the Party now.
  • Inform the attendee that a delay in joining our Party is a delay in the development of Guyana.Tell the attendees that they will receive professional guidance and leadership to advance the work of our Party.
  • Say that we are a unique Party.
  • Explain that we deal directly with citizens and we are concerned about their development.
  • Explain that agreeing to be a member of our Party is not a light undertaking.
  • Explain that we in the Party are very busy helping to develop our country.
  • Convince the audience members that your training has made you a professional and has given you a clear vision of where we are as a country and what our country needs.
  • Say that we spend a great deal of time and money to develop skilled Executive Members, and we strive to abide by our Code of Ethics to help develop our country.
  • Explain that we in the Party are very busy helping to develop our country.
  • Convince the prospective member that it is important that we get their commitment today.
  • Explain that you are trained to ask all Guyanese to join the URP in the interest of the development of our Country.
  • Explain that we have only one purpose in mind that purpose is the betterment of all Guyanese.
  • Always be professional, polite and persistent in trying to win the support of people.
  • Do not engage in any argument with anyone.
  • Always be honest and straightforward regarding every aspect of our Party.
  • Say that our Party leaders are committed to the development of Guyana. They give fulltime service to this nation.
  • Say that the Executive members have their pulse on the needs of the Guyanese people.
  • Assure the prospective member that he/she is dealing with aParty that is active in Guyana,but it also has international roots.
  • Say that the Party is reputable, reliable and focused in its goals and vision for Guyana.
  • Assure the attendees that they have made a wise investment in listening to and supporting the URP.
  • Review some of the major aspects of our Party’s vision and goals with the prospective member to ensure their completeunderstanding of our Party’s goals, intent and desires.
  • Tell your listeners where to find the nearest Party office.



  • Misrepresent yourself in any way or use a false pretense to assist your entry into a prospective member’s home.
  • Misrepresent your position with the party by saying that you are an Executive Member, or serve on any special committee, etc.
  • Misrepresent your place of residence to suggest that your presence is the result of an unusual visit.
  • Misrepresent the number of party offices or the number of members we have.
  • Misrepresent your length of association with the URP or your experience with the party.
  • Misrepresent any aspect of our party, our plans, or our ideas.
  • Dodge questions. Be upfront with people. (If you don’t know, say you don’t know, but you are willing to get back to them with the answer).
  • Make false claims or disparaging remarks about other parties or members of other parties.
  • Misrepresent the make-up of our party. (e.g., that our party members are more spiritual, or that God is only with us, etc.)
  • Say that the members of the URP genuinely have the country’s interest at heart, but that members of other parties in Guyana do not necessarily share the same concern for Guyana.
  • Take money on behalf of the party without giving the person a receipt for the full amount.
  • Keep the URP money for more than 24 hours without the knowledge of the group Chairman or Treasurer.
  • Exaggerate what the URP can do for the prospective member.
  • Misrepresent the URP by promising or advocate for anything that is contrary to what the Party supports.
  • Misrepresent the URP by making a promise that the URP will provide jobs for everyone in Guyana.
  • Say that the Party will protect people from violence from other party members.
  • Misrepresent the URP by suggesting that members will become rich after the Party has been elected into government.
  • Misrepresent the URP by suggesting in any way that our Party is supporting any one race or religion. Our Party is multi-racial and seeks to represent all Guyanese.
  • Say that the URP will advocate violence in any way. Any form of political violence will be left in the hands of law enforcement officers.

To reiterate, the United Republican Party is a multi-racial party which seeks to represent all Guyanese. We are conscious of the fact that representing our citizens in or out of government is a great responsibility and as new members join our Party, the above Code of Ethics offers a guideline for current and prospective members. The URP is an above-board organization, whose work and existence demands integrity and professionalism on behalf of our members, regardless of whether we are executive members or supporters of the URP. Guyana has had too many instanced where our people have been let down by easily corruptible leaders and organizations. The United Republican Party continues to strive for honesty, integrity and a new political culture in Guyana.


We the United Republican Party expect the highest level of personal conduct from all members,workers, and volunteers. It is the policy of the United Republican Party that in all circumstances its members will perform their responsibilities for the benefit of the people. They shall conduct the operations of the party with loyalty, integrity, and fairness, without allowing prejudice,preference, or the opportunity for personal gain to influence their actions or results or to affect with serving the people. The purpose of this policy is to create lawful and ethical standards of conduct for individuals with the United Republican Party. Every person shall comply with the code of conduct to build public trust and ensure unbiased treatment for all.

Respect and Attitude

All members should treat all individuals in a respectful, courteous, and professional manner.Every member is recognized as a representative of the United Republican Party and should show loyalty, honesty, courtesy, reliability, and helpfulness whether they are receiving criticism or answering questions from the public or from fellow members. A member’s attitude reflects the URP therefore members should act in a proficient, mannerly way to create and uphold positive relationships that are important. All members should treat others with fairness and equality.

No special treatment or privileges should be given or accepted that could be perceived as influencing the performance of one’s duties.


A primary goal of the United Republican Party is to create and maintain the trust of the people.Members should carry out their duties attentively and promptly and make certain that there is no kind of conflicts that interferes with one’s responsibilities. All members are responsible for their job duties and are expected to perform all tasks as best of their abilities.


All members should display the highest standards of personal integrity, faithfulness, and honesty always. All information that is confidential should always be protected; any form of misuse will be dealt with accordingly. No members should use funds, property, equipment, or supplies for any other purpose except that of the party. No members shall request, accept, or receive any gifts whether in the form of money, amenities,credit, travel, entertainment, donation etc. for their own gain. All contributions, aids, donations are to be made directly to the URP.

Personal Appearance

Personal appearance, our demeanor, body language, and greetings are important. Members,workers, and volunteers are to dress in appropriate attire. Personal appearance and hygiene are important to the public.

Drug-free Work Place

No members, workers, and volunteers shall possess, use, produce, sell, or distribute alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs while working with the United Republican Party.


All executive members, personnel’s in leadership positions such as regional committees, district committees, and group committees etc. must sign a confidentiality form. Failure to comply will end in immediate termination.


The Central Executive Committee shall be responsible for preserving the confidentiality of privileged information required in managing the operations of The United Republican Party. Any information that is released must be approved by the President or The Central Executive Committee. The conditions in this entry will be enforced by the President of The United Republican Party or The Central Executive Committee. All leading members will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement. The responsibilities of each leading member are as follows:

  • All leading members of The United Republican Party (URP) agrees that ALL confidential information of the URP is strictly privileged and private, and agrees all information will remain strictly confidential always.
  • All leading members of The United Republican Party agrees that Confidentiality shall be preserved throughout their occupancy, and any violation of this policy will result in immediate termination and or legal actions.
  • All leading members of the United Republican Party shall not disclose any confidential information to individuals outside of the URP or to anyone who should not have any knowledge of the information. At any time, a member decides to leave the United Republican Party this letter of confidentiality will still be in effect. A member can return to the party with the consent of the President or The Central Executive Committee. All documents, records, materials, and equipment shall be surrendered immediately to the party. Failure to do so will end in legal actions against the member.
  • The United Republican Party (URP) will not be held responsible for any illegal, civil, or criminal actions of any member.


_________________________                                                                                                                                                                          ________________________
URP President                                                                                                                                                                                           Member Name


_________________________                                                                                                                                                                         ________________________
Witness Name                                                                                                                                                                                                          Date


  1. To ensure that all individuals are treated fairly and equally
  2. This policy applies to all organizations’s employees, management, contractors, student interns, and volunteers.
  1. All individuals should be treated equally regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age etc.
  2. All individuals should be treated equally irrespective of any disability.
  3. All individuals should have to right to equal opportunities.
  4. All individuals must report any unethical or harmful behavior towards themselves or any other person.
  5. All individuals must respect everyone in this organization.
  6. All individuals must follow this policy, failure to do so will result in termination or dismissal.
  1. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and their actions towards others.
  2. Any form of discrimination must be brought to the attention of management, any person that witness any act of discrimination and don’t report it, you will be terminated, No exception!
  3. Any person that discriminates in any way will be terminated, No exceptions!
  4. Everyone has a equal and fair right to defend themselves if accused of discrimination, then a decision will be made.
  5. Everyone must file a complaint as the first step in any case.