URP Penned a complaint about the violation of a lease agreement

Dear Editor,

A couple months ago, I penned a complaint about the violation of a lease agreement (an enforceable binding contract) between myself and the City Council for use of land in Back Road, Mandela Avenue, South Ruimveldt. I use the land to park my machinery. I also informed the Mayor, Hamilton Greene, about the violation of the lease to which I paid the appropriate fees. The Mayor promised privately to investigate the complaint and assured that the lease will not be violated. He also commented publicly that he would investigate the matter when queried by a news reporter and that he would revert back to me and to the media which carried my complaint. That has not happened.
Since the complaint and the media interaction with Mayor Greene, the land in question is being developed with the rights to my lease being usurped by another person who claimed it was “given” to him by the City Council and the Mayor. The City Council and Mayor know fully well what is going on. Attached are a couple of photos to show work being done on the site. The person who has claimed the land and has taken over use of it said: “We have a new government. We in charge now. I tek the land. Nobody can’t do anything”.
The person has a huge contractor with the new coalition government. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Are we going back to racial discrimination and racial bullyism? Is this the change people voted for? Will laws be enforced in this country? It is a case of racial and political discrimination in which the land was forcefully taken away from me and given to a supporter of APNU and a political donor.
I spent millions of dollars to drain and develop what was a piece of useless swamp land for business use. I signed a lease and honored the contract paying land use. No one desired the land when it was flooded and of no value. After I developed it with my personal money, and turned it into a valuable property, others want it. And the City Council and Mayor have broken the lease agreement. At a minimum, the Council must compensate me for the value I stored unto the land and for breaking the lease.

Yours Truly
Dr. Vishnu Bandhu
Leader, URP