URP applauds Hughes on principled politics

Mr. Nigel Hughes deserves high praise and congratulations for his principled position in resigning as AFC chairman after Minister Mr. Joe Harmon’s secret trip to China on a Bai Shai Lin private jet. The URP hopes that Mr Hughes valiant resignation will motivate serious drastic changes in the coalition government considering his first resignation over Amelia Falls was withdrawn without achieving anything positive. The URP believes in private investments as the engine of economic growth. The URP also strongly urges that both AFC leader Mr Khemraj Ramjattan and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo must become the vanguard against corruption considering they were fierce critics against the PPP./C government. What have they achieved for the 11 percent Indian votes which they boastfully delivered for the APNU-AFC coalition’s victory in May? Guyanese are not prepared for life as usual after the change of government. For Mr. Nagamootoo to keep operating as if basking in the trappings of the Prime Minister’s is all he lives for will not cut it anymore. Both AFC leaders must emulate Mr Hughes and must take a more positive stand against corruption. The URP believes Mr. Harmon has far too much power and must either be reduced to size or dismissed outright. Why was it important for Mr. Harmon to go to China to conduct government business which could have easily been accomplished by dealing with the accredited Chinese ambassador in Guyana? What was there to hide about the trip which was carried out in a most improper manner until it was exposed by Kaieteur News? Relations with China are extremely important. But the relationship must be above board. The APNU-AFC coalition claimed power on the basis that Guyanese voted for change last May. But so far, all we have had is an exchange. Where is the change from public corruption? Elected on a promise of good governance, the APNU_AFC coalition have so far, not measured up. Too many government activities are done stealthily and in secret. The government has been accused of corruption and embroiled in too many controversies. What the nation has gotten so far is the elite of the APNU-AFC replacing the preceding regime. The working class and poor have been left out of the equation. Thousands have been fired from their job and thousands more victimized on account of race and political affiliation. Thousands will lose their jobs if Wales estate is closed. As a prominent AFC leader Mr Hughes felt he shared responsibility for the way these matter were mishandled. He wants his AFC party to be the agent of good change and rightly felt the right thing to do was to resign as Chairman of AFC. The URP is highly satisfied that he took such a principled position. Seldom do we find Guyanese leaders, any government official or any ranking party executives resigning over improper behavior. Mr. Hughes action is most commendable and an example for others to emulate. The country is now in a different era with the removal of the PPP/C at the last polls. People are looking for principled governance (accountability and transparency) with decent political behavior. So far, only Mr. Hughes have stepped up to the plate. As the URP leaders I salute and embrace Mr. Hughes on these issues.