Letter from AryaSamaj To President Granger

Dear President Granger,

I write to seek your intervention regarding above matter. Since October of last year, our organization submitted application for accreditation of our pandits to be licensed to perform marriages under Hindu rites. We have been given the run around although we met all the requirements for such accreditation. The Ministry of Security (Home Affairs) initially “misplaced” our application and requested re-submission which we did last March. The Ministry informed us our applications were in order and fulfilled all the necessary requirements to be granted accreditation. However, the Home Affairs Ministry informed us that the applications for accreditation were turned over to Ministryof Citizenship since April. We have not heard from the Ministry of Citizenship. In the meanwhile, another organization that applied for similar accreditation for their pandits has been granted such status.We seek your kind intervention to expeditiously resolve this matter. You did say if citizens or organizations have complaints about non-performance of officials or feel there has been unjust actions by public officials they should seek your assistance. Thus, the reason in writing to you directly. Nine months is a very long time to process an application that normally would take weeks if not days. Besides, the Ministry confesses it “lost” the application and should accept responsibility for its carelessness. In light ofthe fact that our pandits have waited for more than nine months to get accreditation, they should be granted accreditation right away especially that they have been cleared by the police and have met all other requirements.