APNU/AFC Coalition Meltdown

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is having a political meltdown in the USA not very different from the APNU/AFC Coalition’s precipitous meltdown right here in Guyana. And the reasons for the two meltdowns are basically the same; a profound ability to not be concerned with any of the outside realities and tell tail signs of failure and dislike by the population. Neither the Trump campaign or the APNU led coalition is seeing the harsh realiry confronting each. How could a government not know the impact of the fall out which resulted from the unjustifiable and significant increase in their salaries and the firing of workers? And how can the coalition not understand that the reason it gave for the increases – which was to make the Ministers un-bribable – is now proving laughable? The coalition is caught in the worst corrupt practices imaginable and instead of firing the guilty it simply asks them to apologize and continue to steal. Corruption is alive and well within this new government worse than its predecessor.

The meltdown continues with their support for the still unjustifiable parking meter scheme. The Government continues to pussyfoot about the legality of this illegal issue, while claiming that it is under review. It is as if the administration is tone-deaf to the cries of their constituents. The leaders of the M&CC, with its Central Government imposed Town Clerk, continues to be an albatross around the necks of the new administration. Yet no efforts are being made to stymie the inevitable electoral backlash which will result from this impasse. Additionally, the melt down is again on the march with the pharmaceutical bond fiasco. Again, like with the parking meter deal, the Granger administration is calling for an investigation and review. Blatant corruption and crookish acts by members of this administration are all swept under the rug under the disguise of “review” and “investigation”.

This administration, very much like the previous administration, thinks that the Guyanese populace are doltish. It is almost laughable how this government while in the opposition decried the corrupt behaviors of the previous government, while mimicking, exactly, the very atrocities. Could President Granger tell the Guyanese people why he needs to investigate the behaviour of the Minister of Health? What is there to investigate? Furthermore, we are still awaiting the result of the investigation as to why Minister Joseph Harmon was on that plane in China with BK and BishaLin. It is obvious what “investigating” means when defined by the Granger administration.

Concerns are also being raised as to the Billions of dollars in settlements to the very BK. It is obvious that the Granger Government is in-too-deep. It seems as if they have neither the capacity nor the requisite competence to successfully manage Guyana. In just one year, the unconscionable corruption as displayed by the PPP is being repeated by these new ministers, with just as much frequency and magnitude. The United Republican Party (URP) is therefore wondering if it not time for a review of the Cummingsburg Accord, with an aim of restructuring the government? Or maybe the administration needs to invite credible members of the previous administration to aid in stop-gap measures to reduce the unfolding meltdown.

We the Guyanese masses continue in observe in bewilderment the stagnation of our country. The corrupt wealthy are becoming more corrupt and more wealthy, while those who work hard and honestly for what they have or need are feeling the blunt of an inept and neophytic government. Simultaneous to the economic stagnation is the fact that more than 15 months have passed and there are still no plans for growth and job creation. The Government has adopted an auto pilot mode and the country is now being taken for a ride along an uncertain path.There was a time when a majority of the Guyanese people would have accepted this kind of visionless leadership. That time has passed! Except for some kind of electoral fraud, the Guyanese voters will hold their leaders to account. Gone are the days when any party got an overwhelming support, even while hurting the country.

We saw the shift from blind party allegiance in 2011 and again in 2015. The URP will continue to meet with the electorate across the length and breadth of Guyana. We will continue to cast a vision for a safe and progressive country. And when the time comes, we will ask for consideration to be given to us as elected representatives. Meanwhile, it is just so sad to have to sit on the side-lines and watch the sickening and unjustifiable meltdown of the current administration that is in a free fall like the Trump campaign. It is sad because even as they continue to meltdown, they are taking the youths, desires and the economic fortunes of the country with them. There is not a bright future for Trump if he continues with his racist campaign and there won’t be a future for APNU (AFC has dissolved into APNU) unless it cleans up its corrupt ways.