Nagamootoo and Corruption

The one main reason that Moses Nagamootoo gave for leaving the PPP is the unfettered corruption that was taking place under Jagdeo. He said that to him it had become unbearable and in private conversations with Jagdeo, the corruption was justified. Now it seems like he has jumped out the proverbial frying pan and into the fire. It took Jagdeo about five years to begin to be accused of corruption. In just one year this new Coalition is drowning in screams of corruption. The President, David Granger, placed his Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo, on a committee to investigate the revelation of the Health Minister, Dr. Geotge Norton, about the pharmaceutical bond. Mr. Nagamootoo is now saying that the investigators (Not him. The ones he sent to investigate), lied to him about the capabilities of the  East Bank warehouse. He said that they told him that it was unsatisfactory and strategically badly placed, but he is now finding out that that is a lie. So he has told the press that even though he has already reported to President Granger that what Dr. Norton did was right, he will do his own investigation because he does not believe that what he was told was the truth. In other words, Mr. Nagamootoo is now finding that there is corruption within the camp of the once trumpeters of transparency and anti-corruption. What is left to be seen is whether or not Mr. Nagamootoo was really interested in reducing corruption or if he was just fighting Mr. Jagdeo for political power. It would be a disgrace to his own name and that of his mentor and counselor Dr. Cheddi Jagan, for Mr. Nagamootoo to so weaken the PPP, sighting corruption, leaving the party and pulling their votes, only to now sit silently, in a cesspit of similar levels of corruption. After all, if as a Minister he could not stand corruption in the PPP, then certainly as the 1st Vice President and Prime Minister he cannot condone it in the PNC! But time will tell. However, the United Republican Party (URP) knows that Guyana, with its current crop of leaders, is a sinking ship. We stayed out of the APNU because we long envisioned this kind of behavior. The corruption horse is out of the stable. Corrupt pot is now telling corrupt kettle, he bottom black. When Juan Edgill can poke fun at the Granger administration, claiming that they tricked their supporters into believing that they were honest and transparent men and women. When Mr. Jagdeo could point fingers of accusation of corruption at the Coalition, and when Mr. Nandalall can show that the BK issue and the $1.1 billion was far from an honest settlement, the Guyanese people know that they have been taken for a ride. The only persons supporting this administration now are the soup-drinking PNC cronies and those who are afraid of the PPP’s skullduggeries and the backlash they will face if the PPP got back in power. The WPA is in shambles and the AFC is headless and beaten into subjection. Neither of them appreciates what is unfolding in the country right now but the force of Ministerial power is enough to tranquilize you and suck your tongue to the roof of your mouth, so much so that you become ethically and morally dumb. How Misters Nagamootoo and Ramjathan are accepting these unexplainable levels of blatant corruption, is still lost on the Guyanese people. Power is a corrupting force. Even the USA is coming out suggesting that there needs to be reforms that might ease these corrupt dealings. It is clear that when it comes to corruption within the PPP and the PNC no one can call the other back. There was a simple motion tabled by the PPP calling for all the Ministers to show how they got wealthy. It was a commonsense motion. However, the corruption is so pervasive that the motion was struck down. By the time 2020 rolls around the wealth of Guyana will be in the pockets of the politicians and their friends and family. God help Guyana. Please!!!