Guyana is now in free fall. From the teachers to the police

Guyana is now in free fall. From the teachers to the police; from the nurses to the City Hall employees and Councilors, the country has just about grinned to a halt.Granger is saying that he has nothing to do with rice. Sugar is dead! The youths who supported the Coalition have been kicked to the side and trampled upon by the military dinosaurs. There are no plans for employment and crime continues to dominate in every region of the country. The only persons who are happy right now are the government Ministers, the retired military come-backies and those of the BK ilk – those who are allowed to continue to plunder and rape the coffers of the Guyanese tax payers.

The country – because of its protracted and perpetuated hopelessness – continues to bleed from daily suicides, even as the politicians shuttle around in their government issued, air-conditioned, SUV’s, on their fat cat salaries, waiting for oil money. The Opposition is laughing at the Government because after all the corruption proven, there has not been any arrests or convictions. Something stinks to the high heavens in the manner in which the Government is functioning and only Granger, Harmon, Jagdeo and Rohee seem to know what is happening.

Imagine, the Government is going to spend billions to level and prepare former sugarcane fields in preparation to plant rice. Yes. The same government which cannot manage what they already have been entrusted to manage, is now going to take on the management of rice. Someone who has the equipment to do the leveling and preparing of the sugar fields (and we all know who he is), has convinced the inept Government to spend billions in converting the lands into rice fields.

Already private rice farmers are not selling their paddy. The United Republican Party (URP) has been visiting the rice farmers in Essequibo and Berbice and we have seen, literally, billions of dollars in paddy stacked to the ceilings in hundreds of barns across the Country. Now the Government will be planting and selling rice. Can anyone hazard a guess as to whose rice the Guyana Rice Marketing Board will sell first? And to think that many of the rice farmers switched from the PPP to the AFC in order to give this Coalition a chance. The URP is convinced that this is not about rice. This latest move by the Government is to further enrich a few of the cronies of the Coalition. But like everything else, nothing will stop them from proceeding with their plans to rob the tax payers in all efforts at fattening their bank accounts and those of their loyal business buddies. The is PPP tactics 2.0.