Both the PNC and the PPP are cruel political parties

Both the PNC and the PPP are cruel political parties. Imagine that no less than the Finance Minister himself told the contractors that he will not pay them what is rightfully theirs. Just think of that reality for a moment. A person enters into a contractual relation with the Government of Guyana (Or a front-company set up to represent the Government), and when you are finished the agreed upon work, you are told you have to wait for your money. And when you do finally get word that you will get your money, you are told that you will only get a third of what you are rightfully owed and that you must either take the incorrect, insufficient, amount or leave the money with the offending party.
That is unfair, crookish, irresponsible, heavy-handed, vintage PNC behavior. That’s the Burnham’s legacy of the average PNC ruler. They simply operate without conscience or regards for others. The politicians in Guyana (the PNC and the PPP), know that they can get away with murder in this country (literally and figuratively), so they give the proverbial middle finger at will to the citizens of this country.
The PNC has a track record of taking advantage on the Guyanese people. Those who opposed the party were beaten into subjection or extinction. The rest of us were forced to leave the country or we lived in morbid fear. President Desmond Hoyte tried to change that but he was opposed from within his own party and then removed from power. The Reform that the PNC added to its name, never materialized. They are so bent on remaining the same party, with the same modus operandi, that they do not even bother to speak of Reform anymore. Now, the demon of the vicious, vindictive, vitriolic Burnham era has raised its ugly head again.
We can hear the demon in the President’s remarks that his Government is not responsible for creating and providing jobs of the youths; even though they campaigned on that mantra. Or we can spot the demon in the remarks coming out of the wage increase discussions between the unions and the Government, as the unions fight to get the administration to honor the campaign commitment they made to the workers. We can recognize the demon in the way Mr. Royston King is treating the vendors and the employees at the City Hall and even in the roll-out of the Parking Meters. We can identify the demon in the Granger-led administration’s refusal to meet with the civil society and the business commission on the ill-advised 2017 budget. Additionally, we can hear the demon in the Finance Minister’s rants that the contractors can “take” the little he plans to pay them or “leave it”.
The Guyanese citizens must pause for a moment and observe the groundings and the foundation of the vicious onslaught that is taking place by this PNC/Coalition. Guyanese must be reminded that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Take careful note, brothers and sisters, that now that the PNC has realized that the AFC is divided and that they have become a toothless dog, the PNCites are beginning to turn up the pressure on the Guyanese people. This is the mentality of the folks trained by Burnham. This is a repeat of history!
Burnham was interested in the infrastructure of Guyana. He built roads and bridges and housing schemes. He restricted the exploitation of the countries resources. However, he was a sadistic dictator. And anyone who opposed him felt his wrath. It seems that he was able to pass on this kind of autocratic mentality to those around him and this is what the Guyanese populace are witnessing the rebirth of today. The arbitrary positions that the Granger-led administration is taking is not coincidental. The steady raise of the hawkish bullism that we are experiencing is not incidental. This is vintage PNC behavior.
Many of the folks who voted for the Coalition, hated the PNC, however, they were hoping that the AFC would have held true to their promise and hold the PNC in check. Thousands held their noses and voted for change hoping that the AFC would prove a counter balance to the cruel kind of dictatorial leadership the PNC is known for. Well, AFC failed miserable and the rest is history.
The United Republican Party (URP) is not in the least surprised with any of the latest developments by the PNC/Coalition. We were critical of the PPP/C who behave similarly and we warned our Guyanese brothers and sisters that a vote for the Coalition was a vote for the PNC and hence, a vote for the same old, dictatorship mentality. We were right. However, hang in there fellow Guyanese, 2020 can prove a year of redemption and real change. Merry Christmas.