Government, to steal billions of dollars

The PPP refused to set up the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) without leaving in the section for their Cabinet’s “No Objection”. In other words, the PPP wanted the Commission to function but they must be allowed, as the Government, to steal billions of dollars by being able to object to contractors who will not agree to give them kick-backs on the contracts. The PNC just as crookish.

The PNC-Coalition have moved ahead with the setting up of the PPC but like their greedy and corrupt counter and partner in crime, (the PPP), they continue to retain the “no objection” clause, so that they could receive their billions in kick-backs from the contractors of their choosing. But Nandalall and the PPP will have none of it. The PPP knows full well that their massive houses, fat bank accounts, vehicles and their political campaigns were all financed from monies obtained in questionable ways, including through the handing out of contracts.

In fact, the contractual awards are the easiest of ways to make your billions. All the politician has to do is get the contractor to agree to charge the Government 4 or 5 times more than the work will cost and then when the contractor get the “no objection”, the contractor gives the puppet master his cut. This way there is no track record of any kind of thieving or embezzlement. All that happens is the country and the tax payers get shafted.

The PPP has practice this form of skullduggery for years. They built massive houses and sent their children to the best schools; they fattened their bank accounts and are living lavishly, simply my following this uncanny process of raping the country. But the PNC-Coalition has caught up with them. The current administration has caught sight of the realities of the billions that they can now embezzle for their own personal enrichment. So it’s game on!

Mr. Jadgeo knows well that the PNC-Coalition can find nothing on him and his team. For all the wickedness that went on under him. In spite of the fact that they lost the government largely because of their corrupt ways, the Coalition can amass nothing on the former President. And if the current government does find anything on Jagdeo and his followers, the fingers will point right back to Granger and his followers. They are all just as guilty. Only that one is guiltier for a longer period.

If they were not billions to be stolen through this “no objection” clause in the Commission’s rules, why are the PPP so antsy? Why are they calling every day for the “no objection” clause to be removed, or for the Commission to begin functioning as an independent body? The Guyanese people are not as stupid as you PPP and PNC leaders think. We know that you are both to set of dishonest leaders; like two peas in a pod.

Does Nandalall really think that the citizens of this country are so daft to believe that he is magnanimously concerned about fairness and equity in the awarding of multi-billions in contract? Does the PPP really think that we are foolish to not know that they are only calling for the removal of the “no objection” because PNC is tricking the system the same way they tricked the system? Fellow Guyanese, if you believe that these two parties are any different, here’s another proof that they are not.

The United Republican Party (URP) is again convinced that allowing any of these parties to govern by themselves is protractedly detrimental to this nation. There needs to be a third party to interrupt these autocratic and corrupt behaviours of these two parties. If they will ever be significant changes in Guyana; if we will ever stop or significantly reduce corruption within the Government, we will need to put a third party in the parliament. Some objective body needs to be there to move another “No Confidence” motion or to institute motions and articles to eliminate this oft repeated financial vandalism that these two political parties are subjecting the country to. They think we are not noticing their shell games. We are very aware!