The PNC-Coalition thinks they have to jail Jagdeo

The PNC-Coalition thinks they have to jail Jagdeo. That is because even the staunchest of President Granger supporters will tell you that if elections were held today, and if they were not rigged (like many think they will be), Jagdeo would win, hands down.

The Granger-led Coalition has so disappointed its supporters that the party is now running at a favorability rating that might even be lower than in the dark days when Robert Corbin was the PNC leader. Granger is turning out to be a worse manager than Corbin. In fact, what is even more noteworthy is that Grander has caused Burnham’s favorability rating to increase, much the same as Trump has caused Obama’s favorability ratings to go up. When you are so inept that a dictator and autocrat is more likable than you, then you know that you are in deep trouble.

The administrators of this country – the PNCites – are at a complete lost as to what to do with Guyana. And they are running out of precious time. Half of their term in office has evaporated and with each passing day, there seems to be other realities that proves that the current government is lost.

So much so that the general consensus, from both PPP members and PNC supporters is that the 2020 elections will have to be rigged, for the Coalition to win it. Even Jagdeo and the PPP have voiced their concerns in this regard. But riggings will be difficult. The expanding technological age of cell phones, Wifi and other electronic mediums, will make rigging that more difficult. Of course, like happened in the 2015 elections (and which had never been investigated), there could be the infamous insertion of fake Statements of Polls. Or the Coalition might bring in electronic voting machines and then rig them for a desired outcome. Either option can backfire.

Aside from rigging, the only other clear path to a 2020 victory for the Coalition is for the administration to jail Jagdeo and a some of the PPP top brass. And that seems to be the plan. When the SARU laid claims of criminality against Jagdeo and the other PPP henchmen, what they did in essence was secured the rights to now publically and secretly treat these PPP leaders as criminal suspects.

Having laid these claims, of possible criminal activities, against the PPP bigwigs, the administration can now go to a judge that is sympatric to the PNC and get permission to secretly survey all those who are now in their ‘criminal’ drag net. The SARU will now be able to tap their phones, observe and record their movements, look into their financial activities and that of anyone doing business with them. Of course we know that the eves-dropping equipment is already in the country. Roger Khan is said to have imported two of the machines, which Dr. Ramsammy said he never signed for.

By the time 2020 rolls around, there will be so much dirt on Jagdeo and PPP leaders, and they will have so many charges to answer to, that they will not have the stamina, time, or credibility to mount any kind of formative election campaign. The PPP, like the WPA, has been badly trained. They cannot function without a few key people. The PPP is rudderless without Jagdeo and Luncheon.

From the moment the formal charges of criminal conduct were laid against Jagdeo and those PPP elites, all their meetings; all their electronic conversations; and all their phone conversations are now likely to be scrutinized by the State, to build a solid case against them. They are now virtual enemies of the State.

If the PNC-Coalition (partnering with the British and American governments), can keep those PPP strategists busily fighting litigations to stay out of jail, it will provide an insurmountable challenge for the entire party.

It is widely believed that during Jagdeo’s reign, the phones and activities of Guyanese citizens were illegally monitored, sometimes with venomous consequences. Could it be that the chickens of the PPP administration are coming home to roust? Is karma catching up with Jagdeo? The criminally charging Jagdeo looks like a strategic plan of cementing the return of the Coalition. Because of the PNC-Coalition’s mammoth failures, this approach seems to be their best bet at maintaining the governance of this country.

They had better hope it works.