PNC-Coalition is straight from the PPP-Civic play book


  1. The drug purchase by the PNC-Coalition is straight from the PPP-Civic play book.
  2. The PNC-Coalition retention of the ‘No Objection’ clause, associated with regards to the Public Procurement Commission, is straight from the PPP-Civic play book.
  3. The PNC-Coalition Norton drug bond purchase is straight from the PPP-Civic.
  4. The PNC-Coalition increasing their salaries while refusing to engage in Collective Bargaining with the PSU and TSU, is straight from the PPP-Civic play book

Editor, I could go on and on but you get the point. Like is happening with Donald Trump, the Guyanese voters are suffering from buyers’ remorse. It is daily becoming obvious that the Granger-led administration had internalized all the dirty tricks of the PPP and is now unleashing them on the Guyanese people.

“The PPP used ill gotten monies to fund their election campaigns.” This was a valid claim, often made by the then opposition.  Now in government, we see them using the exact unethical means to pad their campaign war chest. The United Republican Party (URP), fought these corrupt behavious when the PPP did it and we will continue to fight it now that the PNC-Coalition is doing it.

The USA voters have given Donald Trump the lowest approval of any American Presidents, ever, and if we did any similar kind of polling in Guyana, President Granger would probably get the lowest rating than any of the Guyanese Presidents, ever.

The USA presidential elections is fraught with good over evil; meaning that the GOP is ‘good’ because they are Bible tooting, Evangelicals, and the Dems are ‘bad’ because they are liberals.  We saw a similar display during the last general elections. We saw Mr. Granger kneeling and praying in church during the elections while Mr. Jagdeo was back-balling and an army fete. We saw the supporters of the PNC call prayer rallies at the National Cultural Center tarmac and the Square of the Revolution, while the PPP supporters were cast as Godless.

Yet, Just like Trump, the PNC is proving to be godless, devious and unsympathetic to the needs of the Guyanese people, even as they fatten their personal bank accounts.

It is time that the supporters of the PNC-Coalition admit that the current administration is just as financially corrupt as the PPP. The quandary that faces the Guyanese voters is the notion that if you run from the PPP/C and the PNC-C, there are no other options. God help Guyana if the next 50 years leave us with the two parties that have alternatively destroyed our beautiful country through shameless corruption.