URP Calls on Pres: David Granger Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo both to a lie detector test

When Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo refused the bluff from Mr. Aubrey Heath-Retemyer (CEO of the State Asset Recovery Unit (SARU)), he lost even more of his fledging credibility. One of the accusations that brought down the PPP cabal and government is the accusation that they were a bunch of very corrupt individuals. Folks point to their immense wealth and lavish lifestyles, and the fact that none of these people owned anything of significance before they got into government. And they conclude that this must be stolen assets.

So when Mr. Retemyer suggested that he and  Mr. Jagdeo should both subject themselves to a lie detector test, administered by foreign entity, agreed upon by both parties, Jagdeo should have jumped on the offer. He should have even demanded that Mr. Retemyer pay for it. But rather, Jagdeo refused the challenge, claimed that Mr. Retemyer was below him.

If there is one thing that former President Jagdeo has going for him is the same thing that Donald Trump has going for him, which is, he can do no wrong in the eyes of those who support him. Every honest, logical, person knows that there is no possible way Mr. Jagdeo could have gotten as wealthy as he has, purely from the earnings from his presidential salary. And if how he got his money was above board, then Jagdeo should haste to tell the Guyanese populace what he did to make so many millions in such a short period of time.

The notion that he was engaged in raping the country and the treasury, is hanging over his head. And no doubt, that was the factor which caused Mr. Retemyer to suggest that Jagdeo subjects himself to a lie detector test. Therefore, when Jagdeo refused to go head to head with the CEO of what will be the most powerful investigative outfit in Guyana, he again confirmed his guilt in the eyes of those who always thought he was guilty of skullduggery.

Jagdeo tagged President Granger, suggesting that he would take a lie detector test, if  David Granger would agree to take one. Note that Mr. Jagdeo did not say that he would definitely fail a lie detector test, what he said is that he would only take the test if Mr. Granger agrees to take one. What Jagdeo is doing is seeking to bring down the PNC-Coalition in the same ship that could finally bring him down.

Mr. Jagdeo knows that it is possible that Mr. Granger would know of skullduggeries that are now taking place under his nose. Jagdeo might know of current PNC Ministers that he (Jagdeo) might have paid (or had paid), with dirty money and therefore his call to have the sitting President subject himself to a lie detector test is a shot across the bow. Jagdeo also noted that he would like to write the questions for Mr. Granger.

It is clear that Jagdeo thinks that Mr. Granger would fail a lie detector test just as fast as he would fail one. He also knows that the support that Granger has is no way as loyal as the support that he has.  The Indian support that Jagdeo has is much deeper, culturally, than what Granger has. So any fallout from a failed lie detector test would decimate Granger, while (like Trump), Jagdeo would just dust himself off, without any suffering and significant negative effects with his base.

The United Republican Party (URP) would appreciate if President David Granger would now call Mr. Jagdeo’s bluff. It does not have to be a public stunt but the two Presidents could arrange for the lie detector tests behind the scenes and then have the results released to the public.

By failing to accept Mr. Retemyer’s challenge, Jagdeo might have heightened the suspicion that he is a crook, however, what he has done simultaneously is implicate the current President in that crookishness.  Let’s see if the President will call Mr. Jadgeo’s bluff. Or does he think that Bharrat Jagdeo is below him?