Justify This Racial Inequity

They plot is thickening. The mask and veil are being removed and people are beginning to see that neither the PPP nor the PNC is good for Guyana. Their failed, racist and cronyistic policies have both bankrupted and corrupted Guyana. News is breaking that the Granger administration accrued to themselves 16 Afro-Guyanese to serve as Permanent Secretaries and one, one, single, Indo-Guyanese. And if you think that the current administration will lose any sleep over these revelation, then you must be naive. They never apologize for anything.
Similarly, do you think that the PPP lost any sleep over the story that Afro-Guyanese were not intellectual enough to serve in any country as Ambassadors of Guyana? Remember? Do you remember that when questioned about why there was not a single Afro-Guyanese serving as Ambassadors in the entire Foreign Service, Dr. Luncheon said, none of the Black Guyanese were intelligent enough? Yes. During the Jagdeo-lead administration, the PPP hired only Indo-Guyanese to fill ambassadorial positions. And they justified that racist, bigoted, position by accusing the Afro-Guyanese of being dumb and unintelligent.
Now comes the (PNC) Coalition and we have the racial reverse of that despicable, racist condition, that existed during the PPP era. They have now hired just about all the Permanent Secretaries, most of whom are Afro-Guyanese. It would be very interesting to know (maybe, similarly, under oath), how the Coalition justifies this obvious imbalance. No doubt some brave journalist will ask the President or the Prime Minister to justify this racial inequity. However, it is obvious that not being under oath, they will use some trumped-up spin to wiggle their ways out of this.
It is these kinds of practices that have mashed up and stagnated our dear country over these 50 years. Because what it does, is that it plays to the racial bases of either of the main parties. The law of survival dictates that people will look out for their personal existence. So Blacks will continue to vote for a ‘Black’ administration because they see that the administration is hiring those who are predominantly Black. And Indians will continue to vote for the ‘Indian’ government because they see that that government is hiring mostly Indians.
This then perpetuates the destruction of the country because the elections are not about progress, or issues, or substantial matters of nationalistic development. The elections are reduced to mere ethnic and racial hegemony and survival. And if you think that Dr. Jagdeo and Brigadier Granger are not, fully, aware of these despicable realities, then you are either honestly ignorant or politically inept.
The United Republican Party (URP) will continue to use these archaic racial and ethnic realities – that are exhibited by the PPP and PNC – to show the Guyanese citizens that we have to move pass this. It is time for some fresh approaches to Guyana’s problems. It is time for some new, bi-racial, cohesive, political overtures. Editor, Guyana has suffered to long from these racial, bigoted, divisiveness. Enough is enough!