Aloe Vera is used for strength, wellness, and medicinal purposes.  It is a member of the Lily family comprising of hundreds of species of Aloe.  However, only four are known to have nutritional value, the essential one used in marketable products which is Aloe barbadensis miller.  Aloe Vera began in tropical Africa and is now refined in warm climatic areas of Asia, Europe, and America.  There are over seventy-five nutrients and two hundred vigorous compounds found in the aloe leaf which is why at times it is labeled as a “wonder plant” (“Aloe Vera Barbadensis miller,” 2013).  Aloe Vera can be described as a stemless with thick and ample green leaves which grows up to 50 to 90 cm tall.  Aloe Vera cultivation can be profitable to anyone who exercise right crop management.  Aloe Vera plants can be grown indoors or outdoors and can be cultivated in pots or in the ground and requires a fast draining soil.  These plants do not need to be water very often if it is in a cool climate, however, if it is growing in a hot environment it need to be water once or twice a week.  Aloe Vera plants grows well with little rain and does not need any irrigation in rainy season.  Because of its adaptability, Aloe Vera can be grown in the desert and drought regions and most parts of the world (“Aloe Vera Cultivation Guide,”2017).  Aloe Vera is used for numerous health benefits such as burns, healing wounds, frost bite and damage to the skin.  It can also be used for lung cancer, lowering of blood sugar, allergies, improving the immune system and much more. Aloe Vera based drinks contains several vitamins, amino acid, folic acid etc. which makes it the driving growth of the Aloe Vera market.  It helps maintain a healthy body weight and it increases energy level.  Aloe Vera is truly a remarkable species.  Its gel which is taken from its leaves has said to have more than 200 bioactive chemicals (Ahlawat & Khatkar, 2011).  This homoeopathic plant has many commercial cosmetic uses.  This plant is used to make many cosmetic products including face creams, shampoo, moisturizing creams, shaving creams etc.  Aloe Vera plants are also used tremendously in the herbal world to cure most diseases.  It can also be used as decorative purposes.  According to Market, The U.S. has the largest cosmetics market in the world and its profits is expected to surpass $62 billion in 2016.  It is projected that the makeup market will show growth through 2018 along with products in the global skincare which is $121 billion industry.  Hair care products also reached $11.6 billion in 2014.  It is also expected that the global premium cosmetics market is to reach over $126 billion by 2019.  This is tremendous growth in this industry overall and Aloe is a major contributor to the market growth.  The United Republican Party feels strongly about this plant and know it can and will develop the economy of Guyana.  The URP’s aim is to utilize this phenomenal plant to ensure the betterment and growth of Guyana.  Aloe Vera will give a boost to Guyana’s economy, it will create employment and will bring immense revenue to Guyana!


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