Ethanol + Guyana=Revenue

    Ethanol can be described as a colorless, flammable, relatively hazardous compound that is slightly scented (Garcia, 2017).  Ethanol is a renewable fuel made from different plant materials knowns as biomass.  Biomass is plant matter such as trees, grasses, algae, and agricultural residue and other natural material.  Ethanol is occasionally referred to as ethyl alcohol which is resultant from corn, sugarcane, and grain or indirectly from paper waste.  Ethanol is also combined with gasoline to ventilate the fuel at the gas pump and can be used alone to make cars function (“What is Ethanol Fuel?” 2017).  Ethanol also has many benefits.  For example, it makes the air cleaner by adding oxygen to gasoline and that helps decrease air pollution and detrimental emissions, it can also decrease greenhouse gas emissions because with comparison to gasoline, ethanol slashes carbon dioxide releases by 90%.  It also is a better performance in engines and produces more power and it lessens the worldwide need on oil (“Ethanol,” 2017).  The industry for ethanol is becoming more important as the years go by for countries such as Brazil and the United States.  For example, Brazil has attained more energy security due to them concentrating on developing a viable sugarcane industry and making ethanol a significant part of its blend of energy.  It is a fact that Brazil has substituted nearly 40% of its gasoline needs with sugarcane ethanol.  Brazil made around 666.8 million of tons of sugarcane, which generated 33.8 million tons of sugar and 8 billion gallons of ethanol in 2015/2016, making it the world’s second largest manufacturer of ethanol (“Ethanol,” 2017).  The United States leads the ethanol manufacturing with a record of 15.3 billion gallons of ethanol in 2016.  The ethanol business has grown drastically over the past twenty years.  Ethanol plants are also used to feed the world.  They not only make fuel but they produce very nutritious animal feed.  The industry made about 42 million metric tons of feed in 2016 (Why is Ethanol Important?” 2017).  The United Republican Party envision Guyana moving forward and being a prosperous country.  Ethanol will create employment, reduce pollution, and going green will help the country.  It will be self-efficient in fuel for the country and the infrastructure is already in place for sugarcane cultivation so you don’t have train a workforce in this field.  Ethanol is a cheaper renewable source of fuel for the country and it also help promote higher wages for the workers.  These reasons mentioned and more is why the URP believes Ethanol plus Guyana equals Revenue!



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