The Public Still Blinded To The Contents Of The Oil Contract By Both Parties

By now there can be no doubt that both the Granger-led Coalition and the Jagdeo-led PPP, are taking the Guyanese people for fools. It is obvious that something is definitely not healthy, or right, with the contents of the oil contract.
What is it about that all important contract that neither side of the isles of our political administrators would release the contract. Please understand that the contents of the ExxonMobil contract are likely to have the greatest impact on the average Guyanese, than any other single contract; before or after it. In that contract is the kind of wealth negotiations to the tune of billions of dollars, many of which Guyana stands to lose.
Long after Jagdeo and Granger are a footnote in Guyana’s history, the effects of that contract will be felt. And what is not sitting well with the administrators’ reluctance to release the contract is the fact that none of the persons, who are currently involved in the discussions about oil, has any experience with oil matters. Five of the most senior government ministers snuck off to the ExxonMobil headquarters in Texas, however, none of them has any technical skills and neither do any of them have any oil experience.
However, in spite of these factual realities, the current administration is steaming ahead with the voting public still blinded to the contents of the oil contract. It is clear that the PPP can come out and share some of what is nestled in that contract. After all, it was the brainchild of the Dr. Dr. Dr. Jagdeo. He must remember something of what he dictated in that contract. Some are even suggesting that, knowing Jagdeo, he would have kept a copy of the contract, either in hard copy, or electronically. But he will not say. Just like he is refusing to tell his supporters and the nation, what were the discussions that took place when the Coalition ministers met at the Mobil headquarters in Texas.
Reports are now out that the ExxonMobil managers, wrote to Jagdeo and apprise him of the details of what they spoke to the Granger-representatives about. However, Jagdeo is part of the massive shell-game that the two major parties are engaging in, to hoodwink and keep the citizens of Guyana in the dark.
Both the current administration and the PPP are acting like they are sure guilty of something. The nation is fully aware that the oil giant has been accused of engaging in financial, unethical behaviours in countries with similar politically and ethically unstable governments.
President Granger did say last week after the visit from the oil executives that his government would behave in an ethical and transparent manner, concerning the oil negotiations. However, it is going on three weeks since and the President is yet to make any public steps in that ethical or transparent direction. It’s like they say, Money talks…