The Unholy Heathens

During the reign of the PPP it seemed like an evil spirit was hovering over the nation of Guyana. Death from murders, accidents, suicides and the like were prevalent. Many people surmised that it was because neither Cheddie, Janette, Bharatt nor Donald, were people of any spiritual anointing. It must be remembered that the PPP has never had a leader who ascribed any reverence to a higher spiritual power. And while Burnham was not a conventional Christian, he did dabble in the spiritual rituals of his African ancestors. Cuffy stands as a permanent testament to Burnham’s religious leanings.

So like I said, there is no PPP leader who ascribes any homage to the creator God. One must then understand that Guyana could never have fully prospered under the PPP. In fact, the high levels of corruption, especially, during the latter 15 years of the PPP’s rule, is also proof solid that the leaders were completely disconnected from the ethical dictates which is the hallmark of one who subscribes to spirituality.

It cannot be denied that the change of government brought an initial breath of fresh air. After the United Republican Party (URP), had invested so much time and money to launch a campaign bid to oust the PPP, I sat on a flight to New York with President-Elect David Granger and promised him our party’s support. Like most people, I too was excited about the change. While I knew that the PNC and the PPP are two pieces of the same cloth, I was hopeful that I was wrong. I was optimistic in my believe that maybe – just maybe – the curse of the racial and corrupt ‘jumbie’ did not contaminate the newly formed coalition.

However, like we can all see on full display, there are no difference in the administrative approaches of the two camps; only that one does not accept that there is a God and hence behaves in a manner which proves it and the other say they believe there is a God but acts in a manner that disproves it. The scandals are now rolling off the Coalition’s machine like coconuts from a Pamaroon truck. The bridge, the Durban Park, the hospital drugs, the drug bond, the walk over and the carriage ways, the oil blocks; the list is lengthy. In just two years, most of the supporters of the Coalition are now admitting that the current administration is a twin to the last one, well, except for their racial make-up.

And the sins of this administration are swiftly catching up with it and the country has now returned to the grip of the racial and corrupts ‘jumbie’. Murders that had shifted to a downward slide are on the rise again. Just like under the other party, our sons have become embolden, again, and have returned to their killing sprees. They are maiming and murdering their victims, no matter their age, vulnerability, nor social value.

The black horse of death has saddled up again in our dear land and he is riding across our country. Suicides that were ticking downwards are now ticking back up. In just two years – just over 24 months – the young Coalition government has been able to sap the expectant and hopeful spirits out of every Guyanese, except for a few of their diehard followers. Don’t take my word for it, ask around. Find out if your friends and family really believe that there is a difference between the two administrations.

Then ask them, “Why is the stench of death and corruption just as high in this so-called, “Godly” dispensation, as it was during the PPP’s ungodly reign. I would not be surprised if your answers point to the fact that money and power have been able to do to the current administration, exactly what it did to the last. Know God or No God.