May God Help Us All! Guyanese Need You Now

The politics of Guyana continue to be politically divisive and socially averse, as we witnessed again, the failure of the highest office in the land to negotiate, even a little, to foster any kind of forging of the healing of our divides. The URP has long suspected that we do not now have anyone in either of the political parties who has the wherewithal to heal this nation.
It is almost like the politicians have concluded that we in Guyana are doomed for eternal ethnic, political and ideological wars. The URP has been observing the constant missteps of the alternating administrations and we wonder what drives them. There seems to not be an iota of patriotic substance in any of those who now occupy the halls of power in this country.
First we observe what Bharrat Jagdeo was trying to do. Rather than try to find someone who is not politically beholden to the PPP/C, or one who is downright unfit for the position of the GECOM Chairperson, Jagdeo kept submitting lists that he himself would have flatly rejected, had he been in President’s Granger’s shoes. It is as if he doesn’t know that the President has at his disposal the ability to investigate the credentials and political biases of ALL the people whose names he submitted.
So we watched for months as Jagdeo tried to hoodwink the President with his “fake” lists. The URP does not want to get into any name calling, however, there are some persons among the names presented that if selected, would make even public moves to get the PPP back in office. Anyone can tell from the lists that Jagdeo wanted to have the President select someone who would ensure his return to power. It would have been magnanimous for the former President to even reach across the aisle to find a person to add to the lists.
That notwithstanding, we realize that the President – due to a broken constitution – had the prerogative to select and install a person of his own choosing. But what does the President do when given the national opportunity to be altruistic? He invites the Opposition Leader to his office, not to negotiate a solution but rather to inform him that he as broken with the spirit of the 161 (2) clause and has arbitrarily chosen a GECOM Chairperson.
This from the same President who boldly announced at his inauguration, that his government would create a new ministry, the Ministry of Social Cohesion, with a Senior Minister, that would operate out of the Office of the President. One could well understand why that much needed ministry is now languishing on the dust heaps of political expediency. Given our national history of political and racial inequality and tension, that ministry should have been the busiest, most progressive and public outfit. When last did the President even mention any initiative that was born out of the Ministry?
It used to be operated out of the Office of the President and headed by Senior PNC minister, Amna Ali. Does anyone know who heads that ministry now and from where it operates?
Let me end where I began. The Opposition Leader is now calling for an economic shutdown of the country. Given the interconnectedness of our society, if that happens, even at a nominal level, all Guyanese will suffer. So what can be expected in the coming months are continued negative, selfish, behaviors from men (and some women), how would rather put nearsighted, narrow-minded, personal ambitions ahead of the national needs of this broken country. May God help us all.