People At The Highest Levels Of Government, Making The Most Money

With all the military personnel within and among the APNU/AFC Coalition and for all the arrests and convictions that are taking place, crime is still on the raise in Guyana. And while it is not unique to any one segment of the society, it is unarguable that a majority of the blue collar crimes are been committed by the supporters, or the likely supporters, of the Coalition – particularly – the PNC. And it seems like the only group of persons blinded to the reality that they are administrating a failed country, is the current leaders of this country and their supporters.
How can the Granger administration continue to be so patriotically tone-deaf and politically belligerent and expect young men and women to not follow suit? How can the people at the highest levels of government, making the most money, be so emotionally cruel against it citizens and not expect a back lash from among those of a lower strata on the social ladder? It is almost foolhardy how our politicians are applying the hypocritical policy “do as I say but not as I do”.
The Chief Justice, whom the President – this President – himself elevated, ruled that a President can unilaterally appoint a GECOM Chairperson, if he/she fails to find a suitable person among the names on a list submitted by the leader of the opposition. However, the very Chief Justice also ordered – in the very same ruling – that the President must give reasons for the rejection of the names submitted. Rather, this President, in full Burnham and Jagdeo style, has rejected not six but 18 names forwarded by the opposition leader and he is refusing, in almost a canny dictatorial style, to follow the ruling of the highest Judge in the land.
The United Republican Party (URP) is the least concerned about the PPP’s anxiety in this matter. We watched as the PPP and mostly Bharrat Jagdeo, turned this country into a dismal, corrupt, clepto-cratic society. Neither are we concerned that Justice James Patterson has met the threshold for having the judicial qualification and might be otherwise fit and proper for the position. The URP has no pony in this race other than fair play, the rule of law and national unity. We are therefore agreeing with the public sentiments of the unbridled and fearless masses that the sudden and unilateral appointment of the GECOM Chair does not lend to fostering national unity.
Retired Major General, Joseph Singh, no doubt a close friend of Bridger David Granger, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Harmon and the host of military personnel in this administration, has refused to remain in the unethical and divisive stench of the Office of the President. He has since unceremoniously tendered his resignation. With the apolitical stature and gravitas of Mr. Singh, one would think that the President would be given cause for pause. But the Guyanese citizens must hold out no hope for any redress of this situation from the current administration. We have rulers in this country who are gods unto themselves; devoid of making any mistakes and never seeking our forgiveness.
We at the URP hope, therefore, that the courts will find – based on the spirit of article 161 (2) of the constitution – that this latest act of His Excellency, is indeed unlawful, illegal, unconstitutional, null, void and of no effect. We can no longer trust the politically divisive shortsightedness of our power hungry politicians. As a broken, hurting, fledgling country, yearning for a glimmer of national unity, we are therefore placing whatever little hopes we have left, into the hands of our judiciary. May God have mercy on us.