It’s Becoming A Dictatorship In The Eyes Of The URP

The United Republican Party (URP) has long argued that Local Government should be separate and distinct from the Central Government. We said that – and most objective people agree with us – because it allows for independence of thought, plans and objectivity. However, the APNU/AFC and the PPP thought best to run candidates that were backed and financed by the major parties. Now that they have gotten the power we see the big mess created. Particularly in Georgetown.
The City workers are now striking because of not receiving their salaries. And why is that so? It is a known fact that the central government receives taxes, Lotto earnings, and other revenues from the business in Georgetown. Yet not a cent of those billions of dollars goes into the coffers of the Mayor and City Council. And so, you have workers and councilors who are not being paid, because the City is cash strapped.
The reality is this: if the Mayor, Town Clerk and the 98% of the Council were not all PNC/AFC members, the Council could have broached the Government and negotiate for some of the revenues that are brought in from the City businesses, to be systematically awarded to the City treasury. But that will not happen, because it will be seen by the Central Government that the PNC/AFC administrators and Councilors are biting the hand that feeds them (personally). So the ‘top-dogs’ in the offices of the City Council, get their palms greased under the table by the ‘top-dogs’ of the Central Government, and together they live the big life, while the average City worker is left to strike and/or go without their salaries. Have you also noticed that the City garbage is once again beginning to pile up?
We all know that the laws which govern the City were constructed by the politically and autocratically brilliant mind of LFS Burnham. The direct correlation between the City administration (especially the Town Clerk) and the Central Government, was a ploy by Burnham, to keep the City of Georgetown under the control of the Presidency. Did we not observe what happened with the Carol Sobba and the PPP issue? At one point, she even refused to purchase gas for the then Mayor, Hamilton Green.
The current arrangement is not a progressive one. If left unchecked, the City of Georgetown will continue to languish under the Burnham constructed arrangement – no matter which government takes power. The Mayor and her team just returned from China. It would be informative to hear how the Cities in China operate. Also, the Central Government big-wigs are always jetting-off on expensive trips overseas. Can they not suggest best-practice behaviors so that laws can be instituted to remove the Capital City from under the clutches of the whims and fancies of the Presidency?
The URP believes that this unhealthy alliance between the Central and Local Governments is untenable. And we further promise that a URP administration would seek to allow for discussions that would undo what the statuesque
now allows.