Sad! But We Voted For The Very Same Type Of Politics

The electorate entrusts us politicians with a level of credibility to look after their best interest. They listen to us as we spill our rhetoric on the plans we have for them based on their electing us. We even go so far as to threaten them by claiming that if they vote for our opponent, their hopes will be dashed and their lives will become a mess. And from time immoral the electorate has believed us. And except for a very few of us, we squander the trust that the electorate places in us.
Take the latest political storm that is swirling between the PNC and the AFC, particularly with regards to the arbitrary selection of the aged GECOM chairman. The coalition promised us that they would not be dogmatic, undemocratic and authoritarian or tone deaf like the PPP. And for the most part, the voting public believed them. And in droves, the masses voted to break a 23-year grip of the PPP over the country.
Even though the PPP/C used all the state assets available to them; even with all the monies that the PPP/C got from businesses and individuals that they had enriched of the years, the Coalition still pulled off an upset victory. But what has happened since that faithful May 2015 event?
We have watched in objective horror as the Granger administration succumbed to the exact ills that we saw in the PPP. Over the last two-plus years, the country has observed that what they have voted for is a different kind of the very same type of politics. The victimizations, the shady deals, the single sourcing, the personal enrichments using state funds, the positioning of the electoral system and state assets to favor the incumbent and the list of non-patriotic evils go on and on.
Ever since the President chose to hastily select the retired Justice James Patterson, there have been calls for the President to rescind the, politically charged and nationally divisive, act. But the President, who was elected based on the nation’s best desires, has refused to budge. Mr. Granger simply refuses to do what just about every objective commentator is pleading with him to do. It is quite obvious that – even in a democracy – he does not care what the massed thinks.
Even within the Coalition, we see personal emails – from the top brass of the AFC – suggesting that this decision does not make for peace and harmony in this divided country. With the leaking of the emails, we see that the United Republican Party (URP) and the hundreds of other national peace-loving voices were not all wrong and unpatriotic, as the PNC cronies were making us out to be. The fake news was that the PNC was spewing is that the AFC was all in support of this divisive action of the Head of State. Now that the behind the scene facts are rolling out, we have all been proven right in our united call for a squashing of this GECOM appointment.
However, like I began to say, the PNC and PPP politicians seem to revel in their ability of squandering the trust that the electorate places in us. It is obvious that Guyana is swiftly becoming – if we have not already become – an elected dictatorship. However, the electorate is gradually becoming wiser, Thank God!