Mr. Eon Halls

URP Region #10 Coordinator

Mr. Eon Halls is and has always been a strong advocate for equality and community relations.  He is a well-known supporter and fighter for the rights of the people of Linden.  Mr. Halls has been involved in politics for thirty-nine years and at the leadership level working to make peoples’ lives better for the country to be a better place.  He has had responsibility for Sports in Region No.10 and established the first Youth Council in the Region which was attended by then Mayor, Abdul Kadir, A.R.E.O, Mr. George Clarke and Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds.  His accomplishments include being a former member of the Regional Tender Board, Former Councilor, M&T.C., former member of the Region Commemorative Committee and former Chairman of the Works Committee, former Chairman of the Security Committee, and former Chairman of Social Development Committee, Mayor, and Town Council.

He has marched with Town Council Workers for their salary around Linden and established the Programmed under the Microscope for the people of Linden.  In addition, Mr. Halls was a former Councilor responsible for the C.I.I.P. Project, Silvercity, Victory Valley, First and Second and Third Alleys and former Board member for Linden Utility Services Co-op Society Ltd.  He was the former Prime Minister Hon. Cr. Samuel Hinds Representative for Region No.10 and in 2013 he served as Chairman for Linden Town and Week Committee.

Mr. Eon Halls is a champion under the microscope focusing on key areas.  He is a believer of total involvement of our people in all aspects of their communities.  Mr. Hall is a party activist in region #10.  He monitors, evaluates, and supervises work programmed for the Region in keeping with approved program he also assists in monitoring the supervision of Region Work Program recruiting members and having bottom house meetings in every community of this region.    Mr. Halls also visits communities in the region at least once a month and gives guidance, advice and support to the members and supporters.  He monitors activities with respect to drainage and irrigation works in the communities of Region #10.  In addition, he has contributed his services outside of Linden to other communities and several Mines, Ituni, Kwakwani, Berbice and Demerara River, River View, Rockstone, and any other related duties that are assigned to him time to time from Exco.

As previously mentioned, Mr. Halls has been in politics for many years.  He was a member of the United Republican Party (URP) from 1988 to 1993.  When the URP was no longer active, he continued his political career.  However, now that the URP has reconstitute itself, Mr. Halls is once again back with the URP.  He truly believes that the URP is the only party that can change Guyana.

Work Experience: Social Activist/Politician.
Phone: +592 621 6546
Email: eonhalls@gmail.com
Address: Linden, Guyana, S.A.