Marcia Allison Lewis

URP National Women’s Leader

Marcia Allison Lewis was born on November 6,1969 to Greta Grant and Desmond Lewis, a teacher and joiner respectively, at the Georgetown Public Hospital.  From early childhood Marcia possessed an insatiable drive for knowledge as evidenced by her voracious devouring of any books that came into her hands.  This is a woman who read her first novel at 7 years old.  This thirst for knowledge continued. During her school years, Marcia always excelled in all her classes.  She was always the teachers’ favorite since she was a quick learner and was always ready to go to the next level.  This drive was fostered by her mother, a teacher from a family of teachers and musicians.  Her dad also impressed upon her the importance of a good education backed up by learning to use one’s hands, thus, Marcia became an excellent student and very proficient with her hands.

Marcia attended the St. Stephen’s Primary School where she excelled at her Common Entrance Examinations, topping the school, and gaining a place at Christ Church Secondary School.  During her time at Christ Church, she was active in sports, the Student Council Body, and the school’s Bible Club activities.  Summer vacations included visits to family members in the ‘Ancient county of Berbice and travel overseas.  By her late teens, Marcia had become deeply involved in church.  Music also became another of her passions, she sang in church, and later in a local band.

In 2011, she was ordained Pastor and International Evangelist after completing years of study and having obtained diplomas and certificates in various areas of religious education.  She is also certified to train and educate Christian workers and to lecture in any of the collages that her denomination conducts.

Marcia has been a teacher for many years, she has also worked in the Insurance and Real Estate industries.  In 2011 she was appointed Assistant Administrator of the Guyana Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ, a position she holds up to the present time.

She is the proud mother of one adult son and grandmother of three.

Pastor Marcia Allison Lewis is a member of the United Republican Party, serving in the capacity of National Women’s Leader.

Email: lewismarcia10@gmail.com
Address:  Guyana