Mr. Muneshwar Rup

Senior Vice President of Guyana  Central Arya Samaj

Muneshwar Rup was born in Guyana in the County of Essequibo on 20th of April, 1975. He attended charity Secondary School where he graduated with CXC examinations in the year 2004. After that he went on to further his studies at the University of Guyana. In the year 2003 he Graduated with an Associate of Science Degree in Environmental Health. After his graduation he worked as an Environmental Health Officer for fifteen years with the Ministry of Health in Guyana. During that period he studied and practiced as a first class Cricket Umpire. He officiated in Cricket Matches as a First Class Cricket Umpire at the West Indies women’s tournament and the West Indies under 19 tournament. He is very much interested in the development of Sports in general in Guyana. Concerning Culture he teaches Hindi in several Hindi centers in the Essequibo region. He was the Senior Vice President of Guyana  Central Arya Samaj. He served in that capacity for two terms.

He was a Regional and National Candidate for The United Republican Party (U.R.P. ) in the 2015 Regional and National Elections. Mr. Rup continues to be a loyal supporter of the United Republican Party. In 2015 he campaigned with U.R.P. team in Berbuce, Demerara and Essequibo. He is very much concerned about the welfare of the Guyanese People. He supports the plans and objectives of the U.R.P because the U.R.P. is a Party for all Guyanese. At present Mr. Rup is the head of the recently established Essequibo Educational Institute (private secondary school) which is located at Perth/Dunkeld, Essequibo Coast.

Education & Credentials : Associate of Science Degree in Environmental Health
Phone : 616 5307
Email : muneshwar_rup@yahoo.com
Address : #415 Charity Extension Scheme, Essequibo Coast