Nowrang Balgobin

URP Representative Mount Vernon

Nowrang Balgobin is a successful businessman as well as a dedicated humanitarian. As a young boy, he was an entrepreneur at heart. He worked together with his parents in their cake shop and with his uncle in the tailoring business. As a young entrepreneur, he supplied chick peas and salt sew to the shops in his community and in Georgetown. He then had an interest in the entertainment world. He then got the opporuunity to work on cruise ships in the Florida area where he had the opportunity to travel and meet people from many different countries.

In 1984, he opened his first discount uniform store in Bronx, New York. By 1992, he was a successful owner of numerous businesses including B&R Discount Center, B&R Uniform Center, Big Apple Health Food Center, and Canje Hardware & Housewares Store. The B&R Uniform business became the largest owned business by a minority, which truly is amazing. Mr. Balgobin then went on to create one of the most modernized hall in the Bronx consisting of gorgeous ballrooms, grand fluorescent paintings, and stunning chandeliers.

Throughout all his business endeavors, Mr. Balgobin still found time to give back to his community. Alongside his brother, he organized the first grand reunion of the people of East Canje in the United States. Mr. Balgobin also participated in sports programs and mentored many youth groups in the Bronx. He has been part of the Arya Samaj for approximately forty years. He has even served as President and Trustee of the Arya Spiritual Center in Briarwood, Queens. Mr. Balgobin has been involved in numerous organizations, he has done countless charitable work. He has donated his place of service to organizations on many occasions.

Mr. Balgobin has worked relentlessly all his life in his professional career and in being a philanthropical to achieve many accomplishments has accomplished a lot all yet he is a very humble individual. He truly enjoys giving back to community in any way he can.

Mr. Balgobin has decided to join the United Republican Party because he truly knows that the URP is authentic in its goals and vision for Guyana. He is committed in assisting the URP in any way that he can to ensure the betterment for the people of Guyana as well as the country itself.

Education & Credentials: Successful businessman
Address: New York, USA