Dr. Vishnu Bandhu

URP President

Dr. Vishnu Bandhu is a humanitarian, a dynamic business leader, a man of integrity, an altruist, a philanthropist and a role model for politicians in this country. He has a very kind heart and exhibits no religious or ethnic bias. This is proven in his unbiased approach of helping people of all backgrounds. He has made tremendous personal sacrifices to help people. Some might even say that he does this to the neglect of his family and his own personal well-being.

Vishnu Bandhu is a consummate businessman who has owned and operated several businesses ever since a youngster. He feels that small businesses are the foundation of a strong economy and that such an approach can help Guyana. He is very familiar with the problems and issues that businessmen deal with daily.

He has rendered invaluable service to the nation in general and people. He has supported many organizations with their cultural and social programs. For example, he organized concerts in America, Canada, and Guyana in collaboration with other groups. He donated books, clothing and money to several organizations to so they can organize programs to help people. He has even led a campaign for his NGO to acquire wheelchairs for those less fortunate.

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Phone: +592 651 3825
Email: vbandhu@aol.com
Address: #49 New Road, Vreed-En-Hoop, WCD, Guyana, S.A.