Dr. Vishwanauth Bandhu

URP  Leader/Coordinator North American Region

Vishwanauth Bandhu is the eldest son of Dr. Vishnu Bandhu, the President of the United Republican Party of Guyana. Like his father, Mr. Bandhu has an immense passion for making Guyana a better country for all its people. At a very early age Mr. Bandhu was introduced to the life of government and politics. He was alongside his father when Dr. Bandhu founded the United Republican Party and became active in Guyanese politics. He has supported his father with the launching of the party in 1987. He witnessed first-hand the chaotic and terrible events of the 1992 elections beside his father. Subsequently, this increased his motivation to support his father when Dr. Bandhu campaigned in the elections under the United Republican Party and would continue to do so for the next several years.

Mr. Bandhu is a great example of someone who truly knows the meaning of sacrifice and dedication for the betterment of his country. While his father traveled to and from Guyana, it was difficult for Mr. Bandhu at times not being able to see his father. However, he recognized the importance of all his father was trying to accomplish. This not only shows sacrifice but it also exhibits the strength, understanding and selflessness of Mr. Bandhu.

As Dr. Bandhu continued to support Guyana, Vishwanauth asserted himself in the business world in the United States. He created Kayl, Inc., a company that helps the elderly, sick, disabled and underprivileged adults and children. He continues his service to the community with compassion and treats everyone with respect and dignity. While not affiliated with any particular organization, Mr. Bandhu regularly participates in local food drives, soup kitchens and fund raisers for the betterment of his community. His dedication to the Guyanese people is evident regardless of where he is in the world. His efforts have helped many families here and abroad. As a family man, he also mentors young people both professionally and personally. He guides them in their development as leaders, strategists, and more complete business professionals.

Vishwanauth and his siblings were an integral part in Dr. Bandhu’s service to the nation in general and its people by supported many organizations with their cultural and social programs. They contributed in many organization of various cultural events in the United States and abroad. Mr. Bandhu has organized several charity events to bring light and hope to those less fortunate. He has facilitated social gatherings that foster a sense of community such as holiday events and occasions for children. He has also dedicated his efforts and focus on education and literacy.

Throughout his youth, Vishwanauth was able to develop his business acumen by watching and participating in the family businesses. He embraced the business world without hesitation. He gained vast knowledge and skills in numerous businesses settings. At a young age, he was introduced to the commercial world of shipping, importing, and exporting, handling a nightclub and the world of journalism. He acquired great communication, negotiation, and management skills. He quickly developed a sense of leadership by learning the role of delegation and time management. He was also able to enhance his customer service and marketing skills. Alongside his father, Vishwanauth also participated in the organization of cultural shows and pageants which allowed him to strengthen his social skills. He developed a “charismatic” trait so to speak in terms of conveying his thoughts and ideas with others and building relationships.

He prides himself in creating a remarkable non-emergency medical transportation company that transports ambulatory and non-ambulatory services to individuals from one location to another. He often provides transport services at his own expense for these people. Mr. Bandhu has had an excellent record of accomplishment with time efficiency and customer satisfaction which makes his business diverse and successful.

Mr. Bandhu’s businesses have flourished due to his dedication and strong work ethic. He has managed to succeed and overcome obstacles such as a volatile economic market along with political and social crisis. Mr. Bandhu holds a 95% request rate and has no complaints of his service. His efficiency in the business has given him direct recognition from LogistiCare, one of the leading companies in the United States and its clients.

Mr. Bandhu is also a very spiritual individual. Since his father Dr. Bandhu have always worked dutifully with religious groups and became a founding member and the first President of the Arya Samaj USA, Vishwanauth also remained devoted in his beliefs. He supported his father when Dr. Bandhu started a National Day of Prayer in West Bank Demerara and has continued his beliefs as a proud Arya Samaj. Growing up Arya Samaj has taught Vishwanauth that everyone is to be valued and respected. It has taught him to always look for the truth and to dismiss ignorance. In addition, it has instilled in him the values of the Arya Samaj ways embracing one of its most important principle in his view, which is “to do good in the world and promote physical, spiritual and social progress of all humans”. His family’s focus in inclusion and responsibility for all are an important part of his philosophy. Recently, Mr. Bandhu has achieve the Doctor of Honors (Literarum Humanorum Doctor-Honoris Causa) from Yoga Samskrutham University in Florida, USA.

Mr. Bandhu is a fair and just individual. His ideals are based on doing the “right” thing regardless of the situation or who is involved. He always stresses the importance of “law and order”. He approaches situations with an open mind and from an unbiased point of view. This characteristic of his is truly impressive and it has allowed him to solve numerous problems within the community and amongst the people.

Although, Mr. Bandhu has been successful with his companies, his love and commitment to Guyana has never wavered. Currently, Mr. Bandhu is the Coordinator/Leader of the United Republican Party North American Region. He is committed in promoting awareness of the issues that are plaguing Guyana presently. He created support groups in New York to assist the United Republican Party in Guyana to bring about change and establish solutions to problems that are hindering our country and its economy. His goal is to bring equality and unity to Guyana through positive change. His desire for Guyana is freedom for all. He has the strength, persistence and endurance to achieve these goals. He is kind and generous of his time and is committed to helping everyone regardless of their race, religion, or creed. Mr. Bandhu is deeply devoted in creating a stronger country for all its people where the quality of life will be modeled and coveted by the world at large.

Email: vishwanauthbandhu@gmail.com
Address: New York, USA