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Share Guyana’s Wealth With All Guyanese

Guyanese people are being led once by their noses again, this time, by another subtle act from the Granger administration. After the PPP (in particular) has raided the wealth of Guyana’s resources – our timber, gold, diamond, lands, etc – for more than two decades. And after they have enriched themselves and their chosen cronies – some of who now occupy residency in Pradoville #2 – we are being told that oil is Guyana’s savior.
After 50 years, without the mention of any oil, the world knew that Guyana was a treasure trough of mineral wealthy. Additionally, the work ethic of the masses by far surpasses the vocational aptitudes of any of our Caribbean neighbors. Yet the hardships inflicted on our people by our successive governments, have driven, and continue to drive us from our native land. Guyana does not need oil for its citizens to experience the good life now being touted as a crumbs from the masters’ table. Guyana is super wealthy with just the transparent and conscientious management of any ONE of our natural resources.
Can anyone imagine how much billions of dollars were stolen by BiShal Ling and the PPP administration, in lumber alone? PPP had given BiShan Ling billions in concessions and they were shipping out (and we saw the satellite images), billions more in lumber. Now multiply that by a daily exercise and multiply it by 10-15 years and one begins to get an idea of the pilferage of billions of Guyana dollars that never got to benefit our children and grand children.
The United Republic Party was told that one evening, A few years ago, on the high seas, off of Curacao, 10 Billion dollars of Guyana gold, was stolen (if you can steal from thieves) from off a Guyanese fishing boat, by bandits pretending to belong to Curacao coast guards. That is just one boat on one day. And it had 10 Billion dollars worth of our gold. Just imagine that this was happening weekly for 12-14 years. And that is why the Guyanese populace never benefited in any meanilgful way from the wealth of our minerals. The resources are being shipped out of Guyana through its back door and only the politicians and a few others are benefiting.
The recourses manager, Mr. Trotman, is saying that our wealth is still hemorrhaging through the back door. He gives no plans on curtailing and stopping that massive loss of billions of dollars. Understand that the current stealing of our natural resources is mainly being undertaken by small business men who have the capacity to buy out our politicians and law enforcement officers. Yet the government is incapable of closing that loop hole. So they are admitting that our current – nonrenewable – natural resources will continue to be fleeced from our country, so that the general population will never see the true benefits of this wealthy nation.
And even as they are admitting that, they are singing the praises of oil. Now it the government cannot curtail the financial hemorrhaging and corruption that is currently been perpetrated by some comparatively local and regional, ‘small fish’, how will they fend off the international likes of these oil giants? If money was and is the motivating factor for the massive corruption and loss of billions of dollars of our natural resources – over the last 30-40 years – when the stakes are higher, can the Guyanese citizenry expect any better financial management?
If your answer is ‘yes’, the URP is challenging you to prove it!

A New Year For A New And Better Guyana

The United Republican Party (URP) would like to thank you all for your kind support. We are aware that you appreciate what we do. While we are still not as influential as the other larger parties, we are nonetheless alert in our underdog status. We thank you for your kind comments when you meet us on the streets. We thank the Editor and the administrators of this newspaper. We know that carrying our letters is not a right but a privilege and we say thank you!
We are at the throes of a new year and we are very sorry that we have come to the end of another year, with a relatively new administration and yet we are basically at the same place. We are just as broke, frustrated and uncertain about the future. Guyanese should not be uncertain of their futures; at least not financially. We have too many natural resources to be poor. However, we continue to suffer for a persistent lack of the kind of leaders who would catapult us into being the nation that we should long have been.
So we at the URP wish you all the best. Try to do the best you can with what you have. They say that when you don’t have horse, you must ride cow. But as you make your New Year’s resolutions, remember to promise yourself that you will not continue to allow the leaders you elect to live the good life – with their families and friends – while you, who put them there, continue to live on the crumbs they make available to you.
As you celebrate your respective reasons for the holidays, remember to remind yourself that the only reason that the politicians are living the good life, is because the country has the resources to make it possible. Guyana has money, it is just that it remains within a certain clique and among a certain people. So promise yourself, that come time to make a change, you will make another change. Promise yourself at this yearend, that you will continue to change your elected officials until you find a group of people who will show from their attitudes and lifestyles that they are prepared to put this country before themselves and their families.
Change is hard but it is necessary. And Guyana will become better, we just have to keep changing around our political leaders until we end up with some who will do right by us. So enjoy your festive season as best you can. Remember to be careful; the crime situation is still out of control. When you stop, remain in your vehicle until you are sure the coast is clear. Don’t walk with too much cash at one time. If you are confronted by gangsters, remember that your life is worth much more than the possession that you are likely to lose. Don’t try to be no hero!!!
Until we speak again, remember that only you can change your circumstance. Blessings on you.