Press Releases


We Have Descended To The Lowest Low

June 28, 2020



Enough is Enough 

June 27, 2020


Dr. Bandhu on 2020 Election 

June 16, 2020


Share Guyana’s Wealth With All Guyanese
January 18, 2018


A New Year For A New And Better Guyana
December 26, 2017


What’s Rotten Stays Rotten
December 15, 2017


December 11, 2017


The Force With An Answer And A Fight
December 4, 2017


Sad! But We Voted For The Very Same Type Of Politics
November 28, 2017


It’s Becoming A Dictatorship In The Eyes Of The URP
November 17, 2017


After Two Years, Guyanese Have Been Subjected To Culture War
November 10, 2017


Guyanese Need To Make Change Now! Protect Our Future
November 3, 2017


People At The Highest Levels Of Government, Making The Most Money
October 25, 2017


May God Help Us All! Guyanese Need You Now
October 13, 2017


Making  Guyana Better? Then Why Is Crime Is Getting  Worst?
October 13, 2017


The Unholy Heathens
October 6, 2017


What Passes These Days For Political Administration Is Laughable At Its Best
September 29, 2017


Leave Us Homeless, Give Outsider
September 22, 2017


URP Is Suggesting, The Guyana Government Train 500 Students For The Oil Industry
September 14, 2017


The Public Still Blinded To The Contents Of The Oil Contract By Both Parties
September 8, 2017


Our Country Is Been Raped Again And Again
September 1, 2017


Granger Must Step Down He Is Not Ready To Lead Guyana And The Guyanese People
August 23, 2017


August 4, 2017


The Crime Starts From the Top and Goes Down
July 27, 2017


President Is Behaving Clueless As To The State Of Affairs In Guyana.
July 21, 2017


It Will Be A Long Process In Getting Guyana’s Prison Situation Under Control.
July 13, 2017


Guyana Has The Largest Per-Capita Crime Situation In The Caribbean
July 7, 2017


The PPP and PNC Coalition are Playing Games with the Guyanese People
July 4, 2017


The PPP Rumor Mill is Beginning Because They are Afraid
July 1, 2017


What Kind Of Example Are We Setting
June 23, 2017


Work Force Racial Bias
June 14, 2017


Justify This Racial Inequity
June 8, 2017


The Alternative for the Closure of the Guyana’s Sugar Estate is HEMP
May 26, 2017


Is There No Future For Our Country?
May 21, 2017


Millions of dollars to provide the platform for the PPP to be ousted
May 16, 2017


Multi-millions used to construct ‘Granger’s Hangout’ Jubilee Park
May 8, 2017


URP Calls on Pres: David Granger Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo both to a lie detector test
April 28, 2017


April 24, 2017


1980 Burnham Constitution was forced upon the people of Guyana
April 18, 2017


These two parties is failing the Guyanese people miserably
April 14, 2017


1980 Burnham Constitution to keep Guyana stifled
April 10, 2017


Guyana’s sugar estate in trouble
April 5, 2017


The effects of brutality and scare tactics
March 31, 2017


PNC-Coalition is straight from the PPP-Civic play book
March 24, 2017


The PNC-Coalition thinks they have to jail Jagdeo
March 17, 2017


Jagdeo is quoted as saying, “We will never forget this.”
March 13, 2017


Dr. V. Ramayya claming that he might return to the fold of the PPP
March 8, 2017


Government, to steal billions of dollars
March 3, 2017


Two  Crooks
March 3, 2017

The PNC-Coalition has a right to be very fearful about the Court Of Appeal

February 24, 2017


Guyanese working-class is gradually awaking out of its slumber
February 16, 2017


AFC has been caught with its political skirt down
February 10, 2017


Guyanese people is disheartening and sickening
February 7, 2017


NCN has refused to broadcast our Paid Political Programmes
February 4, 2017


Burnham Constitution must go for Guyana!
January 10, 2017


The PPP and the PNC have mortally damaged the Guyanese people
January 4, 2017


Both the PNC and the PPP are cruel political parties
December 29, 2016


Donation of Solar Lights to Skull City W.C.D.
December 16, 2016


Tone deaf! Politically tone deaf
November 16, 2016


Carnage on the roadways continues to mount
November 1, 2016


URP says Hopelessness is primary cause of suicide
October 20, 2016


Guyana is now in free fall. From the teachers to the police
September 29, 2016


URP would like to ask the citizens of Guyana – especially the supporters of the Coalition
September 14, 2016


Nagamootoo and Corruption
September 1, 2016


Government must create the conditions necessary for growth
August 24, 2016


APNU/AFC Coalition Meltdown
August 16, 2016


Letter from AryaSamaj To President Granger
August 11, 2016


URP Slams Government on Broken promises
August 8, 2016


Political History of Guyana
June 15, 2016


Democracy in Guyana: The URP Vision
May 27, 2016


URP applauds Hughes on principled politics
April 3, 2016


URP: Include all Parties in Development Objectives
March 31, 2016


URP Penned a complaint about the violation of a lease agreement
March 3, 2016


This country has stagnated for the last 50 years because of bad leadership
January 11, 2016